I do not sell or resell Helicomatic parts, the parts I have are for my own collection.

Nowadays the main challenge for the Helicomatic rider is finding parts. I would suggest to all but the most fanatic about originality to stay away from Helicomatic or replace any Helicomatic hub with a model for which it is easier to source spare parts.

Ebay is a good place to look for and find Helicomatic parts (but beware, NOS stocks are sometimes overpriced).

If you have any Helicomatic parts (in any condition) that you would like to donate to the museum please contact me at the e-mail adres above. If you have pictures of Helicomatic parts or any other information that I have missed or that I have used incorrectly on this website then please e-mail me. Items of specific interest for the museum would be documentation and catalogs of Helicomatic freewheels and hubs.



This museum is kept and maintained by an accidental enthousiast. When I bought my first racing bicycle, a Raleigh Record Sprint, in 1985 it never occured to me to look into parts and specifics. I was 17 and the bicycle looked 'cool' so I bought it. When I started to ride again after a 15 year gap I retrieved my bicycle from the attic and with the power of the internet started to research the bicycle and spare parts. This is when I stumbled upon the Helicomatic oddity and I have not stopped collecting since.




ARIS : Advanced Rider Indexed System
The ARIS freewheels and shifters where an indexed shifting system.

RGS : Rapid Grip and shift
This refers to the profile of the teeth. This profile was used in combination wth the ARIS system



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